Create Your Own Digital Stickers and GIFS

I remember getting stickers on my paper school assignments…mainly because it was a rare occasion. But in those rare times, this simple action made me feel special, ESPECIALLY if these tokens of acknowledgement were not given to EVERYONE. PS: It’s not special if everyone gets one.

Fast forward to year 2020C (covid) when I created digital stickers and GIF animations just because I wanted to. And boy howdy, they were beautiful, goofy, and fun. I realized they could be “stuck” on digital assignments, social media posts, and even used as a collector’s series of badges.

Here’s some tips to get started as well as some uses:

Get Started:

  1. Create transparent images as simple stickers: You can use your Canvas EDU account or www.remove.bg for free.
  2. Make those stickers wiggle/animate: I really like Giphy’s gif maker. Free, must create account.
  3. Create a sticker sheet: Use a Google Slide or other doc as a sticker sheet. You can copy/paste on student digital work.
  4. Advanced and More FUN!:
    1. Video GIFS: Unscreen.com makes it simple and free to upload short videos and download video GIFs w/ transparent backgrounds.
    2. GIPHY Branded Channels: This would be a fun way to spread school spirit. Students, teachers, community members could access school or school district GIFs in popular social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. Must submit application with at least 5 GIFs. PS: I had some issues getting my account initially approved, so I hired a guy from Fiverr.com to expedite.
    3. FlipGrid = Flip Stickers: For those with school/district public GIFS in Giphy, Flip users can access through stickers!


  1. Digital Stickers: Think old school, but in a new way. “Stick” special stickers that students get for creative work, above and beyond, excellence, etc.
  2. Badging: Students/Teachers can earn these fun tokens as skills are learned. Can be showcased on personal digital sticker sheets, badge card, email signatures, and more
  3. Email Signature: Great way to bring attention to special events, dates, celebrations, etc.

Have Fun Sticking!