What People Are Saying!

As an organization that believes in innovation and creativity, we were looking for someone to ignite our group’s creativity. All I can say is “wow!” Brian’s ability to connect with folks and share practical ways to “Work Your Quirk” were perfect for our team. Our folks were able to walk away with some “nuggets” to help them use technology to connect with our schools and each other.


Chad Hilliker
Hamilton County ESC, Cincinnati, Ohio, Superintendentt

Southeastern BOCES had Brian as our keynote for our annual Fall Conference. For weeks after the conference I was hearing from staff members who were moved by Brian’s engaging message. Brian is a master at his craft!


Stephanie Hund
Southeastern BOCES, Lamar, Colorado, Executive/Special Education Director

Thank you for the exceptional introduction of our school leaders to the world of Artificial Intelligence. Your presentation of AI concepts clearly and passionately, emphasized real-world applications and practical use cases. The interactive and engaging presentation style encouraged questions and discussion. Your expertise and dedication left us inspired and eager to explore AI’s potential in education.


Jennifer Scott
Clarke County School District, Deputy Superintendent

Brian led an amazing session with 25 superintendents and ed tech companies at IEI’s regional retreat in Georgia. His session wasn’t your typical conference sit and get. Brian had people singing, laughing, and up on their feet. It was a highly engaging addition to our agenda.


Sara Croll
Institute for Education Innovation (IEI), Vice President

Brian Buffington was our keynote speaker for our fall retreat for faculty and staff in our college of education. My goal was to have a speaker who was engaging and could create a sense of excitement about the start of a new academic year, and Mr. Buffington did not disappoint! His focus on “things that can’t be googled,” along with an emphasis on re-imagining or re-envisioning AI, helped faculty to think about their classroom approaches in new ways. After teaching for many years, we sometimes need a boost in terms of creative approaches to the college classroom. Additionally, we need to complicate the discussion surrounding the use of AI in the college classroom, and Mr. Buffington assisted us in navigating those conversations in new ways. Not only that, but he also left us with one of his trademark songs, accompanied by one of our faculty, in a fantastic performance that we will never forget! I couldn’t have imagined a better way to start the year.


Dr. Sheri Hardee
Dean at College of Education, University of North Georgia

I was fortunate to connect with Buff for the first time at the AESA conference in Atlanta last year.  After his presentation, I was inspired to bring him in for our cooperative’s retreat to share great ideas from his training and to begin to personalize our work within our 30 school districts.  It was AMAZING! The best possible addition to our retreat.  We have been Buff’n Stuff ever since and our districts are loving it!  We can’t wait to bring him back again to work with our local special education directors so they too can capitalize on the nuggets he shares to make their jobs connect and personalized with their teachers!


Ramona Karsner
Director of Special Education, Central Kentucky Education Cooperative

Brian Buffington delivers the information you need in an interesting and engaging way.  Learning about some techy issues is sometimes overwhelming, but here at Emmanuel University, we have gained valuable knowledge and confidence concerning the new technology issues looming.  We thoroughly enjoyed learning about new technologies and how they will affect our work.


Cyndee Phillips
VP for Academics, Emmanuel University

This was our second year bringing in Brian to work with our teachers as a kick off to our school year. Brian does an extraordinary job of connecting with our staff and educating them on a myriad of topics related to technology and real life. Our staff truly loves engaging and learning from Brian during our school inservice.  I would recommend Brian to any school.


Frank Ostanik
Director of Schools, Catholic Schools of Fairbanks, AK

Brian not only brought #BuffNuggets to Tattnall County Schools, he also brought energy, inspiration and a love of education.  From his experiences, he shared the impact educators have on students and reminded us all that we are in this profession to do what is best for children.


Kristen Waters
Superintendent, Tattnall County Schools

Brian Buffington’s creative presentation at the Work Based Learning Conference was overall thought provoking, inspiring and full of energy.  He kept educators engaged and laughing as he presented the newest advanced technology skills and  the top 15 employment skills that will be essential in 2025.  His dynamic personality and ability to lead a large group of people was compelling and his insights will undoubtedly be useful to educators, administrators and business leaders.


Lindsay Douglas
State President, Georgia Work Based Learning

Brian did two breakout sessions at our national conference last December. It was one of our highest attended and he received rave reviews from our members. I would definitely recommend him for one of your future events. We will definitely call on Brian again.


John Bass
Chief Operating Officer, AESA Association of Educational Service Agencies

Brian Buffington, who is known for his incredible sense of humor and ability to engage audiences with his stories, music, and insights, was the keynote speaker to the Young Professionals event for the Hall County Schools Work-Based Learning Program. Brian’s keynote speech was not only funny and entertaining, but also deeply insightful and thought-provoking. It left the students and faculty with a new perspective on creativity and how to cultivate it in yourself and others. He inspires you to take action and start exploring your own creative potential today!

Christy Carter
Workforce Development Coordinator, Hall Co. Schools

Wow! We had the privilege of having Mr. Buffington come to our district a couple of weeks ago and our students loved it! He is a super cool guy who kept our kiddos attention from start to finish! His real-life examples and connections with the students left them talking about his visit for days. We cannot wait to have him back…plans are already being made!

Heather Thigpen
Media Specialist, Williams Heights Elementary

#BuffNuggets ??? This ‘seasoned’ educator had no schema on which to hang a concept like #BuffNuggets !?!  However, when January 10 rolled around and we hosted Brian Buffington at our MGRESA Media Specialists Consortium, the #BuffNuggets  concept became crystal clear! Brian and his #BuffMagic gave our group of media specialists, 79 strong, a fun-filled day of entertainment and learning.  Each of us left with a little #BuffMagic in our heart and a #BuffNugget in our tool box!

Bonnie Tomberlin
School Improvement Specialist, MGRESA

Teaching is hard!  The #BuffMagic is that Brian is real with teachers and speaks openly about normalizing failure.  He shared some timeless wisdom with our STEMapalooza participants.  The genuine smiles, head nods and since of empowerment was tangible throughout the audience.

Dr. Sally Creel
S.T.E.M. and Innovation Supervisor, Cobb Co. Schools

The dread of coming back to school from Christmas Break always can be depressing plus knowing you have a meeting at 8 am. Brian Buffington was just the person to wipe that dread away. He brought new knowledge of technology and provided professional learning in a “fun” way. Sometimes after a professional development you feel overwhelmed with the load of information, but with Brian’s delivery I felt like going back to school and playing around with the resources.

Shelley Cole
Academic Coach, Ambrose Ele, Coffee County Schools

Brian led a keynote at our district educational technology fair and trust me when I say he kept our teachers and staff engaged and happy with his upbeat, relevant, and inspiring presentation.  Our participants walked away from this keynote with inspiring “nuggets” of information that I am sure will impact their daily teaching lives. I would not hesitate to invite him back to our district for even more fun and fabulous times!  Thank you, Brian…you closed out our event on a perfect, quirky note.

Becky Nipper
EdTech/Media Coordinator, Putnam County Charter School System

Brian Buffington brings so much energy to his workshops! He is extremely knowledgeable about the content he presents. Brian stresses that technology supports instruction not instruction supporting technology. Teachers from Coastal Plains RESA have identified Brian as one of their favorite presenters. When asked what worked best to help you learn, teachers responded:

  • The quality of the resources, the enthusiasm of the presenter and the collaboration
  • The speaker was engaging and hands on.
  • The hands on approach, he taught it and then let us try it out and ask questions .
  • How involved he was in his delivery .
  • The fast pace and short bits of material, time to play!


Regina Purvis
PL Director, Coastal Plains RESA

Brian was a joy to work with.  He listened carefully to our needs, and created a keynote address that was personalized, timely, and powerful.  I have never seen our teachers so engaged at 9:00 in the morning during teacher in-service training.  Not only did everyone have fun during Brian’s sessions, but they learned practical things that they could implement in the classroom immediately.  Our district highly recommends Brian Buffington for professional development training because he is engaging, fun, and most of all he provides professional learning that is useful!

Emily Vanderpool
Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Kuspuk School District, AK

Brian motivated and uplifted our teachers through music and his passion for teaching and learning. His keynote was an affirmation that yes, standards and objectives are important but so are connections and empathy. Without that foundation, learning is short-lived. He definitely left our people wanting more! Thanks, Brian!

Yvette Newton
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Pierce Co. Schools

Brian was brought to my attention by a fellow librarian who attended one of his trainings and told me he was engaging, fun, and a great resource for school librarians. Brian was the highlight of our back-to-school inservice for ASD librarians! His energy, enthusiasm, and humor were much appreciated by all who attended. I’ve heard from several librarians who are using his “Buff Nuggets for Media Specialists” and I look forward to future visits full of music, stories, and Buff Nuggets. Thank you, Brian!

Lisa Sam
Library Services Supervisor, Anchorage School District (AK)

“We invited Brian Buffington to be a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, and how lucky we were!  The energy radiating off of Brian inspired attendees to get up and move during his keynote address – he had them dancing!  His keynote, Cranking Up the Classroom Climate, was a perfect way to launch the year.  This was followed by Brian leading two edtech sessions that were a joy while covering some serious ground.  His friendly, accessible energy created a safe and positive environment, and his workshop approach allowed educators to get some rare and valuable hands-on experience working with Google Apps as he dropped what he calls his ‘Buff Nuggets’ at the perfect pace.  My hats off to Brian Buffington for a terrific job, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you invite him to be part of your next event!”

Devon Roberts
Professional Development Committee Chair, Anchorage Education Association

Brian Buffington was just what we needed to start our school year. His message was spot on and captured our hearts. As a bonus, many staff laughed so hard they cried! The breakout sessions gave teachers ideas when they thought they’d already tried everything last year.

Beverly Faircloth
Assistant Superintendent, Montgomery County Schools

When working with Brian to create a unique experience for our training I did not know what to expect since our industry was a shift from him educating K-12 teachers to training human services professionals. Brian brought a dynamic and engaging experience that delivered and ignited attendees. They were on fire with excitement during the breakout sessions, excited to immediately apply the strategies learned into a variety of their job responsibilities!

Jennifer Stein
Director, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia

Looking for a presenter who is FUN? Or one with GREAT IDEAS? Or one that INTERACTS and ENGAGES with the audience and gets them INSPIRED and REVVED UP? Alaska Society for Technology in Education was lucky enough to have a presenter that did all of that at our conference in February. Brian Buffington pulled off 6 virtual sessions over 4 days and kept the attendees engaged and delighted, with his curated, fun, interactive resources in a fast paced and fun way, He is a dynamic speaker whose personality resonates well for in-person and virtual events, with his infectious enthusiasm.  He does his homework and responds to groups like an old friend connecting with them on a personal level. His positive way of presenting is a great model for teachers to emulate. Teachers feel empowered and reaffirmed that what educators are doing is important by enjoying Brian’s sessions, and they attend again and again.

Genie Siedler
Executive Director, Alaska Society for Tech in Education

“Dynamic” “Funny” “Really got some great ideas!” are just some of the comments I got as feedback from the Delta/Greely Staff. As the Buff Nuggets flowed and the Professional Development resources appeared it was a great cap to our Semi-Almost Annual Technology Day. Brian brings current knowledge, extraordinary energy, and provides resources that extend well beyond a single day presentation. Brian Buffington…. 90° temperatures for -50 below Interior Alaskans….

Bill Burr
Assistant Superintendent, Delta/Greely School District, Alaska

The teachers in our schools can’t say enough about Brian’s “Buff Nuggets 2021” sessions. He provided half day sessions for our Elementary and Upper Level teachers. He brings valuable professional development in technology to teachers with humour and entertainment to make the time just fly. Virtual PD is often worrisome for engagement, let’s just say I’ve never seen so many live cameras in a Zoom setting. The content he included was spot on for what teachers could quickly take back to their classrooms and start using with their students. We love Brian Buffington!

Kim MacKinnon
Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey, Nova Scotia, Technology Integration Coach

We had the opportunity to have Brian Buffington share his wisdom with our class. He shared relevant tips for engaging students in one-of-a-kind learning opportunities for in-class and remote teaching. The big takeaway is to teach things that can’t be Googled. His message is timely and inspiring.

Galina Bell

Mr. Buffington was the keynote speaker at the Georgia Business Educators Association (GBEA) Virtual Conference Sept 2020. He was AMAZING! He is so engaging and touches on many topics that educators are struggling with. He provides plenty of resources, which means there is no excuse not to use technology in the classroom. If you have never heard him…book him or catch a training. You will not regret it!

Vershondra Glover
GBEA President

Brian’s training “Into the Unknown” could not have been more relevant and meaningful. He adjusted to meet the needs of our teachers and equip their toolboxes for face to face as well as virtual learning. If you are interested in fun, interactive and meaningful professional learning, I highly recommend Brian Buffington!

Staci Chastain
Brooks County Schools, K-8 Curriculum Director

Brian was charming and very engaging. Our teachers loved learning from him, and in a time of great stress, a good laugh and a lot of learning was exactly what the doctor ordered. Teaching should be fun and professional learning should be fun, too. I highly recommend Brian as a speaker and content creator.

Rachel Spates
West Georgia RESA, Executive Director

Brian Buffington’s recent professional learning day at Okefenokee RESA on the use of Chromebooks in the classroom was fantastic. Participants were engaged throughout the day and left with a number of activities that they could go back and immediately use in their classrooms. Definitely, a 5-Star presentation by Brian.

Dr. Greg Jacobs
Executive Director, Okefenokee RESA

Brian had a wonderful professional learning day with our staff. He is extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and entertaining. He helped our teachers with effective instructional practices infused with powerful technology resources.

Jim Farmer
Chief Technology Officer, Fayette County Schools

What works best in Brian’s sessions? Here’s what teachers said: “Having a hands-on approach. Being able to go in and create things as he was giving the instruction;” and “The hands on experience with the content and the time to create our own materials. Also LOVED the upbeat vibe!” We are excited to be able to bring Brian back for two days this summer!

Laura Frizzell
Professional Learning Coordinator, Coastal Plains RESA

The response from our staff was overwhelming positive. So when we started planning for our two teacher work days after Christmas break, inviting Brian to come speak to our teachers in person was a top priority. His presentation was filled with great information on instructional technology and student engagement. The day included just the right amount of humor, movement, singing, dancing, and interaction to ensure that all of our teachers were engaged and having fun the entire time. I would highly recommend this experience to any school.

JT Dean
Principal at Northwest Laurens Ele

Brian Buffington is a true rock star!  He is very positive and left our staff fired up and ready to take care of the children. His welcome back speech was just what we needed!  Brian thanks for all you do!

John Hill
Superintendent of Union County Schools

Brian Buffington creates engaging learning opportunities. His G-Suite classes are filled with user-friendly tips that will help anyone from the beginner to the advanced. “You will not look at your watch once…instead you will say…over already? When can we get Brian back.” The demand to have him back was such that I immediately rescheduled Brian for more training.

Dr. Steven Miletto
Executive Director, Heart of Georgia RESA

Thank you for joining Grace Christian School’s inservice and making technology engaging and easy to understand ‘for everyone!’  The combination of your personality, music, and tech talents made for an informative and entertaining inservice. It was fun, relevant and lasting…what more could we want?!  Everyone is using the tech and we now have an ‘ostrich award’ for the person who ‘takes flight.”

Sami Graham
Elementary Principal at Grace Christian School (Anchorage, AK)

Brian Buffington provides a professional development experience unlike any other.  His topics and techniques kept my faculty engaged and participating throughout the day.  They have been able to use his training to impact student learning in their classrooms and beyond.

Kimberly Popham
Upper School Dean at Tallulah Falls School

We were so fortunate to have Brian Buffington present the keynote presentation at our Camp Google! Brian’s message was engaging and fun for the audience, but serious and on-target for so many of our needs. He found the perfect way to integrate humor while addressing the ongoing technical and cultural challenges that our teachers and schools face each day. I would encourage any forward-thinking school district to consider having Brian share his message with their staff.

Dr. Rob Brown
Superintendent of Lumpkin County Schools
Brian Buffington training was a great success. We are implementing 1 to 1 technology in all of our classes and the ideas and services Brian showed the teachers will help integrate the technology into the classes. The teachers wanted ideas to put in their toolboxes to use for student engagement and remediation. The flip grid and screen cast were the perfect tools for the teachers to utilize to enhance student engagement and create growth in student achievement. Teachers felt like it was a very worthwhile training and would have liked to have more time in his sessions.
Thank You Brian for such relevant Professional Development.
Stephen Hoyle
Principal at Southeast Bulloch High School
I would like to personally thank you for your keynote presentation at our back to school kick-off event. Judging from the comments of our staff, it was a huge success. Your presentation used humor and song in such a way that our staff was thoroughly entertained and inspired to begin our new school year. You have an unmatched talent for sharing your wisdom in a truly engaging way!
Dr. Shanna Downs
Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools

Citizens Christian Academy had the wonderful experience of being in a training led by Brian Buffington.  He was just what we needed to get ready for a new year.  Brian’s enthusiasm and expertise was the perfect combination for inspiring our teachers to use the latest technology to enhance their lessons this year.  We hope to have him be a part of our staff development plans each year.

Sue Harper
Headmistress at Citizens Christian Academy

Brian Buffington inspired me to incorporate technology in with my everyday teaching.  I was nervous about introducing Google Classroom to my First Graders, but he showed me how easy it was.  I am so glad I tried it because they LOVE it and so do I!   I am so thankful for all of his knowledge.

Bethann Fain
1st Grade Teacher at Mossy Creek Elementary School
We had a blast with your Google Buffet and singing awesome songs! However, the live music at our social stole the show! We loved the experience and look forward to our next opportunity to collaborate. Thanks for everything!
Chris Chastain
Principal at Brooks County High School