*Coronavirus HELP: To help teachers deliver instruction online, I have created an "Online Teaching Cheat Sheet" PDF as well as a website with Buff Tutorials on each app.

With a sub $100 iPhone 6s (no cell), my kids are enjoying making movies! I bought a Mac Mini as the editing machine and homework center, which allows for easy transfer of video via Airplay. Full video on my Insta. https://t.co/Vf1AhGoGSH

This is a great read for anyone interested in the life of a teacher in the Alaska bush or someone needing tips on teaching in new places. https://t.co/lbpbdCzvC6
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Angie Busch Alston @AlaskaTeacher
Some of my former students helped me decide what makes a good teacher in the #Alaska Bush. https://t.co/tRZDJPYDO5 #akedchat #bushlife https://t.co/jVZFWGTDtb

Engaging. https://t.co/BurmSbSdVs
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Howie Hua @howie_hua
Learning math for the sake of math is good. It's also useful to learn math to address issues. Today, we practiced using math to discuss issues like how unrealistic Barbie's proportions are. https://t.co/RndHbLZMiQ

Y’all know I love my cut off 🩳s. But @Flipgrid Shorts make my ❤️ beat faster. Digging the new updates. Demo coming soon. https://t.co/zPFVhXVwoJ
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