*Coronavirus HELP: To help teachers deliver instruction online, I have created an "Online Teaching Cheat Sheet" PDF as well as a website with Buff Tutorials on each app.

Watching the MJ Documentary on Netflix. A quote stands out, in reference to Rodman. “Don’t put a saddle on a mustang”. Some people are meant to ride free with the reins removed. Give students opportunities to show you what they can do.

There’s seems to be a typo in my Zoom invite for @HallcoCBHS. Oops, sorry about that! 😂🤪 @SkogsNation @Principal_McGee @HallCo_eLS https://t.co/WDuxTK1Ra1 brianbuffington photo

My annual “Buff Does Alaska” trip was cancelled this year, but we’re still going to party 🎉 like it’s 2019. I’ll be looking for all of those beautiful digital faces this month. Let’s do this! @amsuad @TananaMiddle @runnergirlT @GraceSchoolsAK @chlupa @lmeinert https://t.co/pXs0wfFsZ2 brianbuffington photo

When the teachers got cup holders on their classroom wagons...next level. @MossyCreekLions https://t.co/cLXVGTZ9t0 brianbuffington photo

What's the equivalent of a "jean pass" for the virtual learning teachers? Something that would bring a smile to their face.

Hanging with the lions 🦁 today! https://t.co/yv8Qui7pY6
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White Co School System @WCSSCurr
Check out THIS socially responsible technology training at Mossy Creek Elementary with Brian Buffington! We are getting ready for you Warriors! #wcbemore #wcbesafe @brianbuffington #BuffMagic @MossyCreekLions https://t.co/7JQEeFjypJ

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