*Thanks to EdTech Magazine for including me in their 2021 "Top 30 K-12 Instructional Technology Influencers" list.

Boom! @Screencastify just dropped some unexpected goodness with built-in analytics. You can require Google log-in to view, thus giving specific viewership data. Also, ability to add embedded questions can be powerful. Try it out yourself! https://t.co/epwrhoZHAO

Hacking @Flipgrid as a pre/post station for interactive science modules. Students start by making hypothesis about the activity, then come back to tell what really happened. I see hundreds…thousands of students using this tech. Thanks @Flipgrid team. https://t.co/qEdtlyzUiU

Hey @Flipgrid peeps. Doing something new and need to know the limit of video responses per topic.

School vandalism by students, because they want to emulate TikTok accounts is ⛽️ on the 🔥 for a tough 2021. It’s ridiculous. If it hasn’t hit your school, do a little PSA about how criminal that mess is. Maybe you can help students 🧠s understand.

Spent some of the day acknowledging innovative educators. From personal experience, it feels SO GOOD to have your ideas seen & valued.

Let's empower others. It might be the validation they need to make it through the day. Your words may encourage them to do even greater things.

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