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My First Year of Teaching

This blog post has absolutely nothing to do with technology…and it takes us all the way back to 2005…to my first year of teaching. Buckle your seatbelts for a wild…
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Finished up @BookCreatorApp and @WeVideo training at @Hall_Schools! Students are going to LOVE creating books and videos! @HallCo_eLS Creation>Consumption @PioneerResa @PioneerRESATech brianbuffington photo

These guys do great work! Can’t wait to see them at @GaETConf!
Dana Farr @MsDanaFarr
So excited to announce that our @WehmV team will be a part of the Student Showcase at @GaETConf! This team works as a club, not a class. Their video production work is a product of pure passion, which makes it extra special to me. Congratulations to our sweet team!

Doing lots of @Flipgrid magic with the “shorts” feature! Folks at @TownsElementary are all about it!

We were doing so much geeky stuff that the grid went down! 😂 💪What’s your plan when the lights go out? Enjoyed working with a resilient group of teachers today at @Hall_Schools @HallCo_eLS who made magic happen anyways! @PioneerResa @PioneerRESATech

First line of “8th Grade Mustache” and the power comes back on. 😂 You could feel the electricity in the air! @PioneerResa @PioneerRESATech @Hall_Schools
Hall County eLS @HallCo_eLS
Sometimes the power goes out when you’re using #edtech & that’s when you use your grit and resilience as a teacher like ⁦ @brianbuffington⁩ and take it offline.

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