*Thanks to EdTech Magazine for including me in their 2021 "Top 30 K-12 Instructional Technology Influencers" list.

Sometimes, I sing songs about cheese and catfish dancing at school field days. Today was super special. Thanks to all the principals out there who like to get krunk with the harmonica. https://t.co/Q9V6LOhpZg brianbuffington photo

Needed to export PPT slides to PNGs for a video project. https://t.co/SWX9v4B1jq slayed the task and make it simple. https://t.co/bBRcWaw7Kl

I remember when Google Apps for EDU…GAFE was shiny and new. Ts needed to know HOW to use the apps.
And just like every other tool, learning the functionality was important.
Now it's time to have students create relevant digital content for authentic audiences. That's the key.

IHOP would later use the situation to offer Milkshake Monday, all-you-can-drink shakes across Long Island. LESSON LEARNED: Schools/Districts can "hijack" pop culture and news to spread a message. Marketing pros use this trick all the time for businesses. https://t.co/5znRvnQaJY

It’s easy to spend 💵 on classroom tech, but providing opportunities, time, and stipends for PD, as well as on-going coaching is just as important...OOPS, I meant to say more important.

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