*Thanks to EdTech Magazine for including me in their 2021 "Top 30 K-12 Instructional Technology Influencers" list.


10 Ways To Get Teachers To Stay

Thanks to Val Brown and her legion of Twitter followers for shedding some very important light in 2022. The narrative…

NEW Emoji Reactions in Google Docs. For those times in life where words can't express how you truly feel about a students writing. πŸ˜‰

Access two ways:
1. Highlight text and click the emoji to the right.
2. Highlight text, Insert --> Emoji Reaction https://t.co/uOxZYHi2W2
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Ooo shiny! New dropdown option in Google Docs. I'm picturing a fun way for students to create Mad Libs, Choose Your Own Adventure Stories, and more. Can use as modification for students, too. INSERT-->Dropdown #edtech

How can you use it? https://t.co/y0AmZfr8M5
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