*Thanks to EdTech Magazine for including me in their 2021 "Top 30 K-12 Instructional Technology Influencers" list.

You know what’s not inspiring…prescriptive software that sucks the souls and wonder out of children.
Educators solve problems everyday. Some students don’t have enough time to visit library. Ms. Schubert @ Habersham Ninth Grade Academy found a way to get more books 📚 in students’ hands 🙌. She and her team accept online orders via a Google Form and hand deliver 📕 to students. https://t.co/g8c0l0Z7Tx
My son just made a reference to mullets, Tupac, 90s grunge, and something about “your mom goes to college” in his tape digitization ad. I couldn’t be more proud. https://t.co/5qLr5EN4ip
As you make holiday buying decisions over the next few weeks, remember that there are less creepy guys in vans, and more creepy guys online. Important to mention the content that might not align with your family values.

Have a plan before buying that device...not after.
Two of my fave creative apps in the same tweet. Must be dreaming. https://t.co/iQlv7JbqOj
Canva @canva
Get ready to flip out over our latest @Flipgrid templates #flipgrid #canva https://t.co/1A8iU7VzS2 https://t.co/6Rplu3MidM
Always wanted to try out a campervan. Used @Outdoorsy app and made it happen. We had a blast, while also realizing that our family of 4 desires more space. But that’s how life should work. Try things and find out what you like. https://t.co/ep6PCdU4An brianbuffington photo

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