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If you’re around Anchorage this month and want your head to explode with techy goodness, see my friend @runnergirlT!

If you’re not catching me on tour this year and would like to have some Buff Swag in your closet, get it on my website! brianbuffington photo

When I walk into a room full of people, one of my first tasks is to make myself RELATABLE. I do that through personal stories, live music, and a smile. And I always know when I missed the mark, because I feel the disconnect. How do relate to your audience? brianbuffington photo

I love creating stuff. And when others get to experience my creations, it takes satisfaction to a whole new level.

Same thing goes for students. Peer validation is a real thing. Allow students to showcase their work in front of others...locally or for a worldwide audience.

A1: I think #greenscreen is a great way to engage the imagination. So much you can do. Here is an idea I literally stole from a middle schooler - the interview with self...

(green paper)


I was back south yesterday, hanging with my favorite wildcats! Valdosta, GA is where I started my career as teacher, just trying to figure out life and how to survive teaching 8th graders about science. Go cats! brianbuffington photo

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