10 Ways To Get Teachers To Stay

Thanks to Val Brown and her legion of Twitter followers for shedding some very important light in 2022. The narrative…

Embrace #ChatGPT, smart phones, calculator watches, tractors, soap on a rope, ziplock bags, etc…

And save time to do more important things. Things that only humans can do. Things that can’t be Googled. #FETC
Edtech tools allow students to take their new knowledge and TRANSFER it into something more meaningful and relevant. Blogging, websites, podcasts, infographics, videos, etc. Thanks, @MatthewXJoseph
Sometimes we overthink things. I met Pagona for a 30 sec conversation that turned into 10 min. She makes a simple product that solves a significant problem. Students lose millions of $ worth of accessories each year. This inexpensive piece of plastic helps solve that. #fetc https://t.co/6bs1TYWirQ brianbuffington photo

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