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Great article on misleading marketing by higher Ed.

“But it matters more profoundly what your major is. It matters profoundly how hard you work. And it matters profoundly how much debt you take on at the outset of your career.”


My son just asked the waiter if he could “dance for crab 🦀 legs”. The waiter answered, “unfortunately no”. So proud.

Had the opportunity to join my daughter’s class for a time of singing, harmonica playing, and co-writing. We wrote a fun little jam, “Larry The Lemur”. Check it below. They did a great job writing this song! https://t.co/LVfUyJJPGG

Some next level Google Slide soundboards. 🎧 https://t.co/OfoOTJQUsk
brianbuffington photo
Tony Vincent @tonyvincent
🔊 @candytechideas used Google Slides to make this slick soundboard! It has 20 sound effects that could be used to liven up your lessons. #SpringCUE #WeAreCUE
https://t.co/mcLsShM9UU https://t.co/DxFzlh3Quy

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