*Coronavirus HELP: To help teachers deliver instruction online, I have created an "Online Teaching Cheat Sheet" PDF as well as a website with Buff Tutorials on each app.

If you’re into middle-aged men singing about cheese, family, 8th grade mustaches and more...I’m in concert tonight. 7pm EST. The perfect Friday night entertainment. https://t.co/AmHt2hegH3 https://t.co/0JKyBxfdy8 brianbuffington photo

Just got an email from a teacher who had the idea of printing stickers of a daily checklist/agenda that would go on Chromebooks. This would help her SPED students to stay focused, lessen anxiety, and know what's coming next while they learn at home. GENIUS.

Stacy Chambers at South Habersham Middle is cranking out some math content with a little tech help. She's using an iPad and stand to record her instruction. #buffmagic https://t.co/5yDOf66JQi brianbuffington photo

If your face-to-face classroom promoted independent learning, self-paced instruction, student-centered projects, and intrinsic motivation then you gave your students a GIFT during the Covid-19 outbreak. Those qualities and skills are valuable anywhere and in any situation.

Ms. Tate at Blue Ridge Elementary set up an “Egg Cam” that is live streaming on YouTube! So cool! @FanninSchools @BlueRidgeBell @aprilh14 @hfinley https://t.co/Z422ilYdWt

Facebook thinks that I stole my own song. It must be good! I take it as a compliment.

"Buff Anthem" is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Spotify: https://t.co/sbTCwwTy3B https://t.co/XONJRD20lr
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