*Coronavirus HELP: To help teachers deliver instruction online, I have created an "Online Teaching Cheat Sheet" PDF as well as a website with Buff Tutorials on each app.

Headed to the Last Frontier in a couple of weeks to bring a double shot of Buff Nuggets. Thanks for the sweet swag, @ASTEConnect! #aste #aste2021 https://t.co/Z7Rg26MQSo brianbuffington photo

We partied hard and almost broke the internet. PS: My daily goal is to break the internet. https://t.co/tjhBHb6Btr

I’m super lit 🔥 about #LMSCollab21 today! Giving away some #teachthingsthatcantbegoogled Buff Swag. And sharing some new Buff Magic! @siegmundIT @danielrivera https://t.co/dW1JbTWDGF

Do you know what would be a great addition to the self-care being prescribed to EDUs?

School district care.
School level care.
Parent care.

Ease the load. Protect them. Value your teachers.

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