*Thanks to EdTech Magazine for including me in their 2021 "Top 30 K-12 Instructional Technology Influencers" list.

Your wildest dreams came true because you can now BLOCK people who share random Google Drive files with you. Especially helpful for large organizations, schools, etc. where certain people share irrelevant files just because they can. #GoogleEdu #buffnuggets https://t.co/Kzxtswxgwo

My goal for upcoming meetings is that they are at least 10% as awesome as @tvansoelen and this book. Appreciate the swag! https://t.co/cJdu12FVNQ brianbuffington photo

Spreadsheet Masters: How can you automate Google Form responses in a spreadsheet, to auto-populate in a separate sheet in the same workbook? Ex. Any response with "Amy" will go to a sheet designated for Amy. https://t.co/DbT7FSBDal brianbuffington photo

Each year, the World Econ Forum @wef puts out a survey to thousands of employers. I always skip to the page that forecasts the "Top 15 Skills" needed in the next 5 years. If you're in education, I suggest printing this out poster size to help prioritize. https://t.co/k13PfUGfhX brianbuffington photo

Hanging with the @1HartBeat Bulldogs this Wednesday for their convocation keynote and I’m a tad giddy with excitement. Can you feel it? https://t.co/ehtZ8El99v brianbuffington photo

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