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10 Ways To Get Teachers To Stay

Thanks to Val Brown and her legion of Twitter followers for shedding some very important light in 2022. The narrative…

I have a music project that keeps me sane and young. It’s just for fun. And in the spirit of fun, I had some new tees printed. PS: if you’re around NE Georgia this Friday, I’m playing #HappyMusicForTheMasses for all peoples. Hit me up for more info. https://t.co/8BWy880Fmg brianbuffington photo
Met so many fantastic people at @STEMcobb #STEMapalooza Loved the energy and willingness to do what’s best for students…letting students take more ownership of their learning, while being as silly as possible 🤪. @STEMsally @STEMTania https://t.co/ihWOPqedzV brianbuffington photo
They had a Dino 🦕 expert yesterday. And I have to follow that…can’t wait! Awesome geeky shirt contest too! 2 extra gold stars for the Ms. Frizzle tee. #cobbstem #stemcobb @STEMcobb https://t.co/qB5V6my6av brianbuffington photo
Google Sites makes it easy to link all student portfolios to a single "Class Page". Students then have quick access to peers' work, giving each other authentic audiences. https://t.co/b3F4dLSvfR brianbuffington photo
A boy said another kid was "smart".

I quickly asked, was the kid compliant, made good grades, & did what they were told "kind of smart"?

Or was the kid a genius, solved problems with creative solutions, & not always down with the status quo?

Different kinds of smart.

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