10 Ways To Get Teachers To Stay

Thanks to Val Brown and her legion of Twitter followers for shedding some very important light in 2022. The narrative…

Great to hear from @EastonA1 at #aesa_ac22 @AESAnetwork. Talking about the importance of marketing in EDU spaces. Cool to see the data on how his podcast has grown over 2-3 years. https://t.co/cJowOhM3zp brianbuffington photo
Telling 9 yr olds, middle schoolers, that “you’ll need this one day when you’re…like 20” is a quick invite for them to checkout. It’s not the motivation you think it is. I tried and failed.
My last session is tomorrow. Sadness…right?! 😎. Mucho fun with folks at @AESAnetwork conference so far. https://t.co/XL4qjpu3jb brianbuffington photo
Super creative work from @KaneCountyROE! Subscription PD boxes. Love the idea 💡 @AESAnetwork annual conference. https://t.co/vnKGVXQJVa brianbuffington photo
You can get info from teachers, preachers, podcasts, and YouTube personalities, but until you act on what you learned, the value is minimal.

It’s all about ACTION and APPLICATION.

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