*Coronavirus HELP: To help teachers deliver instruction online, I have created an "Online Teaching Cheat Sheet" PDF as well as a website with Buff Tutorials on each app.

Hey Teacher. If you were given the option to be the "virtual teacher" for your grade level or subject, would you do it? Why?

Your fellow teachers would still do face to face. Many parents are hesitant to send students back, and I think there will be a need.

Your thoughts?

Felt like singing about the upcoming @PioneerResa Virtual Teacher Tech Academy! It’s FREE and it’s all about helping teachers rock-n-roll with virtual learning. Keynote, breakouts, games, and a special performance by me. See details and register at https://t.co/3cHph7CEft https://t.co/uBxlpEaCo7

I heard that @MmeBurgess is a birthday girl today. Hope it’s better than finding those extra fries 🍟 at the bottom of the bag. https://t.co/3um6Ino7LV brianbuffington photo

You can still get a glimpse of my COVID19 mullet before it’s cut this week. A gift from me to you. https://t.co/TgwpHGQxNp
brianbuffington photo
Pioneer RESA @PioneerResa
Virtual Conference Team hard at it this morning prepping to make this the most epic Zoom Meeting EVER!!
#presareimagine2020 https://t.co/GvRIoXrmre

When you have friends in low places...I mean high places like Fairbanks, AK, they send you moose turds 💩 in the mail. You should have seen my face when I opened the package. Almost thought it was mislabeled candy. 😆. Much needed comedy relief @runnergirlT!!! https://t.co/o2F3DbkYYu brianbuffington photo

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