10 Ways To Get Teachers To Stay

Thanks to Val Brown and her legion of Twitter followers for shedding some very important light in 2022. The narrative is usually set as, “Why are teachers leaving schools?”. But what if the question was turned so it was “actionable” by the people who have the most influence on teacher retention…admins?

What would need to happen to get you to stay?

Val Brown

Below, I chose TEN replies that I found most common or helpful to those in school leadership. You are welcome to do a deep dive into the current 522 replies by clicking on her original tweet.

1. Out of Pocket Expenses

2. Protected Time – I like how she worded it as time for “Sustained Concentration”.

3. Year-to-Year Consistency

4. Protected: Physically

5. No One-Size-Fits-All PD

6. More Professional Recognition

7. Respected

8. Bring Back The Joy

9. “Have My Back” w/ Parent & Student Issues

10. Smaller Class Sizes/Self Directed PD

*Bonus: Higher Pay