Screencasting with Screencastify: Buff’s #1 Tech Tool

Screencastify is the peanut butter to my jelly. It’s the Sonny to my Cher. It’s like oxygen to my lungs. It’s the wind beneath my wings. Screencastify is my NUMERO UNO – my absolute number one productivity tool.

And I say all of those things because they’re true. Much like my life when I was rockin’ a rat tail with my haircut before it was trending, I was doing Screencastify before it was cool.

When trying to help someone figure out something on a computer or program, why would I email someone and spend time typing out words or call them on the phone when I can actually show them how to do the thing?  *Ain’t nobody got time for that. That means less phone calls and meetings, allowing me more time to create #buffmagic. It’s quick, easy, and I enjoy showing educators across the world it’s usefulness. And the seamless integration with Google Drive makes me want to do the Carlton dance every time I make a video. Seriously, that feature (Google integration) alone convinced me to switch over from my beloved Screencast-o-matic back in the day.

If you’re still reading this with your head tilted to the side and a slightly concerned, albiet dumbfounded, look on your face, let me help you out a bit with some examples of how a well-educated, extremely creative, and rather dashing individual like yourself could put Screencastify to work:

You might need to explain to someone how to convert a PDF into a Word Doc…


A dear and loving friend might need to know how to create a template in Gmail and you just want to help them out…


You may want to teach some dear souls how to use drawing tablets with FlipGrid shorts…


You might even want to satisfy that grumbling in your tumbly with some of Brian Buffington’s extremely famous homemade hummus.

Ok, wait. That can’t be remedied with Screencastify.

But, you get my point.

Screencastify is versatile and it’s such an incredible tool to have in your belt. Or purse. Or wherever it is you keep your tools and things. But, even if Screencastify is already in your techy toolbelt, there’s newness to be learned.

So, I’ll leave you with some #BuffMagic to make sure your life with Screencastify is the best it’s ever been:

  1. It’s free. I mean, there are options that involve money, but the free plan allows you to trim video, make GIFs, record unlimited videos, and even record without a watermark on your video. The only catch is the five minute limit on your video recording. But, in my experience, that’s plenty of video time to teach a thing and highlight a set of tasks and get my point across and even tell a joke or two.
  2. You can use webcam only mode on your desktop to make easy demonstration videos and still get all of the cool sharing options. It’s easier than getting your phone out, placing it in a tripod, recording the video, uploading to Drive, changing the sharing options, and sending the link.
  3. If you’re making an epic screencast with Screencastify and you’re looking to do more than just email and are aching to share your knowledge with more than just one person, there are sharing options! With Screencastify, you can share to Google Classroom, copy and paste an embed code into a website, or even show off and generate a QR code. And get this – within Screencastify, you can trim your videos, count on an autosave to Google Drive, and export directly to Youtube!

I could keep talking about my deep, deep love for Screencasifty, but I want you to discover an endearment for it and all of its’ many benefits or yourself. To find out more about what’s included in the free plan, check out their pricing page!

As leaders in classrooms and life, consider this a charge to step up your techy game and show off some of your mad skills with at least one Screencastify this week! I believe in you!