HP Instant Ink is true Buff Magic

Friends, teachers, people of all kinds,

I have stumbled upon the most amazing discovery – HP Instant Ink! Now, you know I’ve got to start with a story before I share all the juicy details: I was the kid who got a shoe thrown at him from across the living room if I ever, and I mean EVER, tried to print with color ink. That stuff ain’t cheap. And ever since those traumatic days of dodging my mama’s flying solid white Skechers, I’ve just assumed that color ink was expensive and my days were to be lived out holding black and white pages.

But, thankfully I have seen the light…And the color!

I stumbled upon HP Instant Ink when I embarked on a glorious button-making adventure (that I’ll tell you more about really soon). I was scouring the world wide web for the cheapest ink possible, and low and behold, HP is legit changing the world with their deliverable ink!

I know there are so many others out there just like me. I mean, not exactly like me, but close. So many of you want to print colorful, flashy things to catch your students’ eyes. You long to impress and wow with your bright colors and vivid tones, but you’re living life on a teacher’s budget and, alas, you’re stuck with sad black and white renderings of the art that you know could be.

Wipe away those tears, because I’m here to save the day!

With a compatible printer, HP Instant Ink delivers COLOR INK to your door! Glory! You can stay in your afternoon pjs! And it’s cheaper than you walking into Walmart to restock on ink!

How it works:
You need a compatible printer.

The printer itself is important because HP is so smart that they communicate with your printer. Seriously, while you’re browsing Pinterest for strategies on how to get your kindergarteners to stay on the carpet before center time, HP is chatting it up with your printer, checking on your ink supply so they’ll know exactly when to put more ink in the mail and get it to your front porch before you run out. Check out HP’s list of printers that will work with this service below. Yours might already be on the list!

Choose a plan/option.

Once you’ve checked out your options and you ensure you have a compatible printer, you have another choice to make. And luckily for you, if you’re indecisive, you can change your plan by upgrading or even downgrading at any time (aside from the free plan), without any fees. Personally, my family is signed up for the Occasional Printing Plan. We pay $2.99 a month for enough ink to print 50 pages a month.

*Note: There are quite a few exclusions with the 15 page plan – For example, rollover pages do not qualify*

HP makes it easy for us to see where we’re at and how much ink we’ve used and how much we have left. For instance, when I log into my account, I can see (below) that my family is at 43 pages printed right now, and our month rolls over on March 5th. Depending on how the next month or so goes, we might get a little crazy and upgrade to the Moderate Printing Plan. 100 pages. $5 a month! Whoa, Nelly! I’m a wild man!

Equally as exciting, are the rollover pages. If you don’t use them, you don’t lose them. Your unused pages are saved into your account as rollover pages. And oh my heavens, you can rollover up to twice the amount of pages that are on your monthly plan! So, if you’re on the 50 page plan, you can rollover up to 100 pages!

Live your life while the ink comes to you.

If you thought Buff Magic was the real deal, wait until you hear about this: HP sends out your replacement ink before you even run out. Remember when I said that your printer chats it up with HP on the regular and they have your best interest at heart? They care about you and they want you to live your life and stay in your pjs or go to your little human’s soccer game without having to worry about a stop by the local Walmart or office supply store to pick up your ink. Your printer is connected to the internet and HP’s network and they keep an eye on how much ink you have left in your cartridge and they factor in how much time it will take for the ink to get from HP headquarters to your house. They send it out just in time, so it arrives before you have an empty cartridge on your hands.

Print all the bright and beautiful things to your heart’s content!

Print, print, print all the things. Sign up to get your first month free at this link right here! Now, full confession: when you get a month free, so do I. It’s a win-win-help-me-help-you kind of situation. And it’s kind of awesome. Really, the only thing that could make this better, would be if HP sent a little fairy in my office to do the actual changing of the ink ceremony for me. A guy can dream, right?

Living life in a super digital 2020, it’s so much fun to intertwine doing something techy like staying connected to HP from my little town in North Georgia with doing something seemingly old school (and maybe even a little bit nostalgic) like touching actual paper.