Creation > Consumption

An Open Letter to Every Educator On The Planet:

If you’re reading this blog, then you must have some type of affiliation in the realm of education. That means you MUST value the need for future-proof skills and readiness. Good news, I do too!

In fact, everything I do is centered around preparing teachers, students, parents, and even my own kids on how to thrive now and in the future.

Want to help students thrive?

Let them CREATE. Let them be authors. Let them COLLABORATE. Allow them to find their own solutions in a complex world. Don’t give them the answers. Teach them how to be LIFE-LONG learners. Model how to say “I don’t know that, let’s find out more!” Let them solve REAL problems that are happening now. Students who can do this will THRIVE in the future.

Because here’s the truth…Artificial Intelligence, Automated Systems, and Machine Learning are advancing at a rapid pace and are not apologizing for taking away jobs that humans once held.

Those who primarily CONSUME will be CONSUMED by advancements in technology.

I don’t want this. But I see “consumption-based” instruction all over the world. For example: Someone may stand up in the front of a room and say, “Here is some info…now give it back to me on an exam.” If it can be Googled, just how valuable is the information?

Even with advancements in classroom technology, primarily 1:1 devices like Chromebooks and iPads, consumption is still heavily valued. The method of delivery has changed, BUT the teaching mindset has not. Do I love Kahoots? Yes! Do I enjoy Coolmathgames.com? Sure. But a Chromebook and iPad can be used for so much more!

I want to help schools and teachers change this mindset with valuable hands-on workshops and keynote speeches. I want students to be successful and THRIVE in life. I want learning to be fun and relevant.

If you would like for me to help you on this journey, reach out. I would love to find out more about your school, school system and/or conference.