Brian will sit down (or do something geeky like a Google Hangout) with you and come up with a plan to meet your school or school system’s specific needs.

Since Brian’s been doing this for a while, you can easily pick from some of his most popular workshops below. He can then make tweaks as needed. 

When Brian isn’t doing hands-on workshops with teachers, he’s doing Keynote Speeches and Presentations for adults and students. Current topics are below.

Brian’s Keynote and Presentation Topics

Failing w/ Flair

In Brian’s latest keynote offering (2023), he’s getting people excited about failure. Strange right? Like any good Ms. Frizzle fanatic, he wants teachers to know the secret power of mistakes and messes. This idea requires a cultural change for many, where students are celebrated for taking chances, while also feeling intellectually safe. Attendees will learn practical and inspiring tips to achieve this idea, with the optimal goal of creating brave, life-long learners. Brian makes this all happen with a mix of personal and historical storytelling, and a dash of his branded “Buff Magic.”

Things That Can’t Be Googled

How can schools empower students to achieve at even higher levels? Are teachers doing more work than students? In this dynamic keynote, Brian shares 5 simple truths to help students get better “plugged in”, while taking more ownership of their learning. Attendees will learn about the power of “Things That Can’t Be Googled”, and how giving students more opportunities to showcase skills can positively change the dynamic of their classes.

Thriving in a Digital World (Student Cyber Safety)

For the past 10 years, Brian has been inspiring K12 students with his cyber safety presentation, “Thriving in a Digital World.” Using his special recipe of current events, humor, and student interaction, students learn how to better navigate the most common digital snares. He covers gaming, social media, online etiquette, and red flags. This presentation is modified for grade bands 3-5, and 6-12.

A Parent’s Guide to Raising Digital Natives

In this special event, CyberSafety Certified Trainer, Brian Buffington provides “A Parent’s Guide to Raising Digital Natives”. Parents and guardians will get the latest info and advice on Digital Citizenship, Phone Management, Social Media, Gaming, Privacy & Security, and Helpful Tips and Tricks to stay safe online. This includes live demos of popular apps and parental settings. Following the keynote, attendees are welcome to chat with Brian individually during a special Meet and Greet time.

What The Music Industry Taught Me About K-12 Education and Innovation

After a 10-year hiatus, Brian decided to reenter the music industry…only to find out that his methods were old-school and ineffective. Ouch. In the only way he knows how, Brian takes you on a comical journey, highlighting the fast moving changes in the music industry, while relating it to the demands of today’s K-12 schools and educators. *Includes a special music performance. 

Buff Does Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Perfect for marketing/business/WBL classes and events! Brian knows the value of standing out and wants to share his best tips, tricks, and experiences. Whether it’s his love of old-school relational methods and print media, or his creative use of video and social media…there’s something for everyone.

Brian’s Most Popular Workshops!

Buff Magic (2023 Edition): Engaging and Relating to Generation YouTube

In the only way he knows how, Brian “Sir Buff-A-Lot” Buffington shows educators how to crank up the fun in your F2F or Virtual classroom. Be ready for a heavy dose of Buff Magic that engages students with gamification, video creation, music, entrepreneurship, and more!

Buff Nuggets for Teachers (2023 Edition)

Brian Buffington is serving up the freshest batch of Buff Nuggets for all of his teacher friends! In this session, attendees will get hands-on experience with Brian’s favorite and most current teacher-centered tools that increase efficiency, effectiveness, and fun. This is definitely a fan favorite, empowering teachers with smaller/more simple tools and strategies. 

Buff Nuggets for Admins (2023 Edition)

Admins are always hungry for new ways to increase efficiency, while also better connecting with their teachers. Brian Buffington’s “Buff Nuggets for Admins” is a true treasure trove of practical ideas, creative uses of EdTech, and examples from across the nation.

Student-Centered Projects w/ Google Apps

Want to see kids really take off and maximize their brain cells? Let’s get the students using Google Apps to CREATE, INNOVATE, and COLLABORATE. Join countless other classrooms across the world and start implementing more student-centered creative projects. Join Brian as he showcases examples with Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawing, Forms, Maps, Sites and more.

ChatGPT for Educators

The future came sooner than expected with the popular AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool, ChatGPT. Educators everywhere are diving in to see how AI can help them create lessons/rubrics, summarize text, brainstorm projects, and most importantly…save time to do the most important things: Things That Can’t Be Googled or generated by GPT. 😉 

Google Sites: The Perfect Place for Portfolios and Projects

Google Sites is the perfect place for students to write, showcase knowledge, and organize class artifacts in a published medium. Attendees will build their own Google Site, learning how to import media and other Google App files. They will also learn how to create and share Google Site templates. With these skills, educators can then easily use Google Sites for other applications such as teacher websites and student projects. 

Geeky K-5 Centers That Rock

Georgia-grown Goofball, Tech Guru, and Singer-Songwriter, Brian Buffington, shares his absolute favorite ways to implement more technology in K-5 centers without pulling out all of your hair (or rapidly graying the rest of it)! We’ll cover material geared towards elementary school students, like management tips, student self-guided strategies, and student-centered creative apps.

I Teach Things That Can’t Be Googled: Students as Entrepreneurs

Not everyone was meant to own a business, but everyone was meant to learn how to collaborate, communicate, think critically, creatively innovate, and build confidence. Brian Buffington knows that entrepreneurial opportunities in K-12 education gives students these skills that “Can’t Be Googled”…plus it’s fun! In this session, attendees will learn how to get students started with making fictional businesses, applying their math, writing, and reading in more relevantly creative ways.

How To Make Your Online Teaching Videos “Extra” in an “Extra” World

Brian “Sir Buff-A-Lot” Buffington will be showcasing how to make your online teaching videos shine like a diamond. Whether you want to make tutorials, 1-min video shorts or even karaoke tracks, Brian’s got you covered. You’ll also learn how to tell better stories, how to increase production quality, and how to make all of this movie magic happen in the most simplistic way possible. If you’ve ever attended one of Brian’s workshops or keynotes, you know it’s going to be hype, relevant, and as interactive as possible. 

Buff’s Top 10 Interactive Strategies for Virtual Learning

If it’s not interactive, it should have been an email. Ouch. But it’s so true, right?! Brian Buffington actually plans his lessons by thinking about the interactive segments FIRST, not the content. And with a heavy amount of pandemic practice, he’s got plenty of interactive strategies to share!